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I've decided to break up my garden page, because it was getting lengthy.. There is alot more to aromatherapy than just a list of oils..There are so many ways you can uses aromatherapy. In massage oils, in baths, diffusers.. There are also many books out there on the subject. If you intend to start using essential oils, I reccomend buying a book.. Some oils aren't safe and may irritate the skin. Also, child amounts differ from adult amounts. I am going to include all that on this page, but for right now, all I have is the chart. I will also include some of my favorite recipes and a list of carrier oils. I will try my best to make this section as complete as possible. I hope aromatherapy will help you, the way it helped me.

The Oils

Anise*Asthma, painful periods, migraines, colic, coughs, indigestion, flatulence, impotence
Bergamot*Acne, antiseptic, cold sores, depression, external infections, herpes, nervousness
CedarwoodAcne, antiseptic for skin conditions, astringent, dandruff, oily skin, sedative, urinary infections
ChamomileAcne, calming, headache, migraines, body pains, good for hyperallergenic and/or/ hypersensitivity, soothes nerves, stress reducer
Cinnamon*Antiseptic, bath and massage oil, dry heaves, foot fungus, sexual stimulant
Clary SageAids child birth, depression,emotional stress, sore throat gargle, menopause, nervosness, pms, relaxing
EucalyptusBronchitis, coughs and colds, diabetes, disinfctat, herpes, measles, sinuses, sore muscles
GeraniumAnxiety, balances hormones, diarrhea, dry or oily skin, menopause, sedative
Ginger*Antseptic, appetite stimulant, massage oil to help with congestion, laxative, stomachaches
GrapefruitAstrigent, cellulitis, digestion, facial toner, obesity, water retention
JasmineAphrodisiac, childbirth, emotionally soothing, frigidity, relaxing
JuniperAntiseptic, astringent, cystitis, diabetes, diuretic, paralysis
LavenderAcne, bathoil, burns, childbirth, depression, douche, hair and scalp, headaches, migraines, nervous tension, relaxation, skin care
LemonBactericidal, detoxificatio, infectious diseases, oily skin, purification, wrinkles, freckles
MarjoramArthritis, asthma, bruiss, colds, douches, insomnia, migraines, nervous tension, muscle spasms, sedative, sprains
OrangeAnxiety states, baths, caling, colds, insomnia, nervousness, skin care, wrinkles
Peppermint*Analgesic, antiseptic, good for children, colds, cooling, fever reducer, flu, headaches, menstrual cramps, nausea, sedative
RoseCleansing, regulating, cooling depression, increases semen, laxative, sedative, soothing, skin care, sensitive skin
RosemaryArthritis, hair and skin, hair tonic, loss of memory, stimulates mind and body, mental fatigue
SandalwoodBladder infections, aphrodisiac, acne, depression, diarrhea, massages, dry skin, sedative, nervous tension, strp and staph infections
Spearmint*Appetite stimulant, massage and bath oils, douching, flavoring agent, stimulating, rfreshig to skin and muscles, women's complaints
Tea TreeAcne, surface infections, cancer, strep and staph infections, chicken pox, cold sores, pimples, infections, energy stimulant
Wintergreen*Analgesic, antiseptic, flavoring agent, relieves sore muscles
Ylang YlangSoothes anger, sedative, aphrodisiac, calms nerves, relaxes, depression, exotic bath and body oil, impotence, insomnia, oily skin

*These oils are possible skin irritants so please use with a carrier oil to dilute.

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