Well since you are here, you must want to know a bit about my family and myself. Well I am married to the greatest husband there ever was, Jim..*S* This August, it will be 10 years..And believe it or not, it just keeps getting better and better. In the last ten years, we managed to have 4 kids.. They are the center of my world. There is Tony who will be 9 in August. Taryn who just turned 7. Dylan will be 6 in June. Ryan is the baby, at 3 1/2. The "terrible two's" are nothing compared to the "terrifying three's".. *L*

Let me tell you a bit about myself...I will try to be as brief as I can..*L* I'm a stay at home mom, I do crafts, read, rollerblade, play video games with my sons, study the tarot and listen to new age music. I absolutely love the CD's Pure Moods I and II.. That is good music. I also sketch and write poetry a bit when I have time. Which unfortunately isn't very often. Right now the thing I like to do the most, (next to playing video ganes with my sons, of course *L*) is create my webpages. I'm using a webtv right now.. I love it!!! But I would love to have a computer so that I can make my own graphics. And maybe set up a web design business..*Dreaming*

My husband is a Desert Storm veteran. He likes to write and play music.. He plays a piano, guitar, and tuba..And he's very good..*L* He is working toward a degree in music therapy and someday hopes to finish school..He likes to make candy, decorate cakes and together, we make candles..

Ok I'm done.. *L* That wasn't to bad was it?? *L* The last few days, I have been working with the kids on their homepages. Below you find links to them.. Right now I have only two started. It's hard to get the kids to decide on the things they want on their pages. *L* And they thought I was bad..*L* Anyways...They are under a bit of constuction, but take a look anyways.. They are proud of the way they look even if they aren't done yet..

Mom's Babies

The Cyber Mom dot com
This is my favorite .
The Mommy Times
This site is also very good..*L*
Parents Place.com
This site great!!!
Moms Online
This one has a great chatroom..

I had intended on putting a picture of my kids on this page, but rethought that idea.. Click on the picture below and you might rethink adding your children's pics to your page as well..

So instead you will just have to settle for a pic of me. ~L~

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