Well since you are here, you must want to know a bit about my family and myself. Well I am married to the greatest husband there ever was, Jim..*S* This August, it will be 10 years..And believe it or not, it just keeps getting better and better. In the last ten years, we managed to have 4 kids.. They are the center of my world. There is Tony who will be 9 in August. Taryn who just turned 7. Dylan will be 6 in June. Ryan is the baby, at 3 1/2. The "terrible two's" are nothing compared to the "terrifying three's".. *L* Below you will find out about my child and if you click on their namebuttons, you can see their homepages.. At the moment I only have Tony's and Taryn's started, but hopefully they will be done soon..

Let me tell you a bit about myself...I will try to be as brief as I can..*L* I'm a stay at home mom, I do crafts, read, rollerblade, play video games with my sons, study the tarot and listen to new age music. I absolutely love the CD's Pure Moods I and II.. That is good music. I also sketch and write poetry a bit when I have time. Which unfortunately isn't very often. Right now the thing I like to do the most, (next to playing video ganes with my sons, of course *L*) is create my webpages. I'm using a webtv right now.. I love it!!! But I would love to have a computer so that I can make my own graphics. And maybe set up a web design business..*Dreaming*

My husband is a Desert Storm veteran. He likes to write and play music.. He plays a piano, guitar, and tuba..And he's very good..*L* He is working toward a degree in music therapy and someday hopes to finish school..He likes to make candy, decorate cakes and together, we make candles.. He is my honey..

Tony is the oldest.. On August 21st, he turns 9..WOW!! My baby is growing up.. Tony is the artist and the inventor in the family.. There is nothing he likes to do more than draw and make "things"..~L~ He is always cutting up paper and making cards, board games, people.. With Tony everything is new.. With the others, most of the time, it's been there, done that"..~L~ Tony likes to test us and see just how much he can get away with..~L~ And he tends to be very logical minded.. Especially if he can get out of being grounded..~L~

Taryn is the only girl.. She just turned 7 two months ago. Taryn is a spitfire.. It amazes me to watch her, looking all pretty in a frilly pink dress, chase her older brother around the yard, because he did something to her..~L~ She loves all the things little girls like, but she has a temper!! Her brother's have learned to leave her alone though..~L~ Taryn is my performer.. She loves being the center of attention and tends to be VERY dramatic.. I think in a few years, she is going to give the boys a run for there money and her daddy a heart attack....~L~

Dylan is... Well, Dylan is Dylan.. One of our favorite phrases around here.. Dylan doesn't know the words "I can't".. Dylan is very special.. There is something about him that people are drawn too.. He has a smile that will melt yor heart.. We have begun to wonder if he has ADHD..He is very hyper, he has a very difficult tie focusing.. He also doesn't know right from wrong.. We had a difficult time with him and his jumping out of windows.. He decided that if mom wouldn't let him outside, that he would find a way out by himself.. It got to the poit, where I would sleep on the couch, just to make sure he didn't get out of the house in the middle of the night.. But to him it wasn't wrong.. Yet at the same time, he is highly sensitive and very affectionate.. ~S~ He has calmed down alot since school has started, but he is still a handfull...But he is Dylan and if you met him, you would instantly adore him...

Last but not least, there's Ryan.. Ryan is the comedian..The practical joker... Oh how he loves to make people laugh.. He is 3 and a half and definitely a "momma's boy"..~L~ It amazes me that if I ask him to help mommy clean, he jumps right up and does what I ask.. His brother's and sister don't even do that..~L~ Ryan is also the different one.. Hubby has black hair, the kids and I all have dark brown hair.. All except Ryan.. Ryan is a strawberry blond..~L~ We keep waiting for his har to darken, but so far it's still blond.. ~L~

Well, that is my family.. They are all so very different, yet all so very wonderful.. They definitely keep me busy...

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