Taryn's Place

Hi. My name is Taryn. I just turned 7 years old a few weeks ago. I got Barbie walkie-talkies and 4 new Barbies. I really love Barbies.

I also love playing with my best friend Meghan. She lives right around the corner from me. We share a locker at school and a birthday. Her birthday is the same as mine. Isn't that weird? My mom says that makes us astro twins. Whatever that means. Meghan and I play together just about everyday after school and we always have so much fun.

Besides Barbies, I like to play dress up, draw, watch Rugrats, ride my bike, and play dolls. I also have 3 brothers I like to beat up on. Being the only girl, I learned real fast how to fight back. They leared not to bother me. *L* My mom says I'm a spitfire and mean as a snake when I want to be.

This is my first homepage. My mom is helping me alot put it together, just like she is helping my brothers with theirs.

I don't know what I'm going to put on my homepage yet, but I'm sure it will be good. Thank you for visiting me. I hope you will stop back by to visit again.