I love flowers..I love so many that it would take up to much time to list them all...I guess at the top of my list would be lilacs, roses, sunflowers and irises..
In the past year and a half I have also discovered herbs and aromatherapy..My hope is to include a bunch of information on herbs and aromatherapy and their individual effects on the body.. The effect it has has on my life is incredible...I even tried starting my own business selling aromatherapy bathsalts..I guess you could say, I'm hooked..

The Flowers

All the names I know from nurse-
Gardener's garters, Shepard's purse,
Bachelor's buttons, Lady's smock
And the Lady Hollybock.

Fairy places, fairy things
Fairy woods where the wild bee wings,
Tiny trees for tiny dames
These must all be fairy names!

Tiny woods below whose boughs
Shady fairies weave a house
Tiny tree-tops, rose or thyme
Where the braver fairies climb!

Fair are grown-up people's trees
But the fairest woods are these
Where if I were not so tall
I should live for good and all.


I got into taking herbal suppliments a year ago.. They helped me feel better and in some cases look better.. They also gave me peace of mind knowing I wasn't putting a bunch of chemicals in my body.. So I thought I would share the information I have on the herbs I take and start an herb section. The information I have right now is limited, so over the next few weeks, I will be adding more information and then I may move this section to a page by itself, but for now it will be on this page (obviously *L*). I hope you find the listings useful in some way... But please follow any directions on the labels of the packages and talk to a doctor before you take and herbs.. You never know, you may have an allergy..

Aloe Vera The liquid gel is used as a drink to cleanse the bowels and clear acne on the skin. Aloe resins help with constipation and sluggish bowels.
Chamomile, in cream form, is used for soothig skin inflammations, burns, and bites. In tea form, it helps ease indigestion, intestinal cramps and nervousness. It also helps children with fever, colic, and teething.
Echinacea This herb is a good immune system booster. It stimulates the immune stystem and helps prevent infections. It's also used for flu, colds, urinary tract infections and skin infections.
Garlic Garlic has anti-viral and antiseptic properties. It's used for colds, pneumonia, flu and bronchitis. Used regularly, it can lower cholesteral and high blood pressure.
Ginger Ginger is considered an important digestive herb. It's used for nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness.
St John's Wort This herb is good for depression and insomnia, and for children who wet to bed. Externally, it's used for reducing inflammation and the pain from burns, bruises and scrapes.

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